WordPress 3.2.1更新发布

WordPress 的更新维护还是一如既往地快,WordPress 3.2版本发布没有多少天,WordPress 3.2.1版本就出来了,这也是 WP 的优点,发现问题即刻修复,不像国内的大多数程序提供商,系统出现问题N久了,也不见有个更新或者解决方法出来,可能这也是国内部分源码停滞不前的原因之一吧。

WordPress 官方博客更新原文:

After more than a million downloads of WordPress 3.2, we’re now releasing WordPress 3.2.1 into the wild. This maintenance release fixes a server incompatibility related to JSON that’s unfortunately affected some of you, as well as a few other fixes in the new dashboard design and the Twenty Eleven theme. If you’ve already updated to 3.2, then this update will be even faster than usual, thanks to the new feature in 3.2 that only updates files that have been changed, rather than replacing all the files in your installation.

For a full list of fixes, view the changelog the list of tickets. Our release haiku:

JSON, the admin
A little bit tidier
Edge cases covered

更新内容中文说明: WordPress 3.2.1这个维护版本修复了一些服务器上可能发生的 JSON 不兼容问题,同时还包括控制板样式和 Twenty Eleven 主题的小修补。