WordPress 3.3 Beta 3更新发布

WP官方发布了wordpress 3.3 beta 3版本,该版本的更新没有添加新功能,主要是修复了自beta2版本收集的200个bug报告,使WP程序更加完善,编辑字符串文件更加完美。同时WP的jQuery已经更新到1.7版本,如果你的插件使用了jQuery,务必要使用Beta3检测插件。测试版建议先不要升级。


Testers, Beta 3 is now available! You know the drill: use a test install, see what you can break, and report any bugs you find. There have been 200 commits since Beta 2, but at this point, betas are not adding new features — it’s all about fixing bugs, making things a little prettier, and editing text strings.

As always, plugin and theme authors, PLEASE test your code against the beta so you can catch any incompatibilities now rather than after your users update their WordPress installation and find bugs for you. This time we really mean it, especially if your plugin uses jQuery. We’ve now updated to jQuery 1.7 in core, so please please pretty please check your plugins and themes against beta 3.

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