WordPress 3.3 Beta4 更新发布

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WordPress 3.3 Beta4版本于今天(感恩节)发布,并且表示离发布RC版本的日子不远了。Beta4版本WP官方已经解决了发布的大部分bug错误,精简了UI,并在Beta3的基础上增加了一些屏幕提示功能,如果文章更新,后台欢迎词等。同时调整了整个界面,使之更加紧凑。更新jQuery 1.7.1和改更了些错误。


The march toward 3.3 continues!

With all our major tickets closed, we are very close to a release candidate. In Beta 4 we’ve fixed a bunch of bugs, cleaned up the UI, added real text in some of the screens that still had placeholder text in Beta 3 (post-update screen, the Dashboard welcome area, new feature pointers), and generally tightened things up. We updated to jQuery 1.7.1 and addressed a LOT of bugs.

If you are a plugin or theme developer (or distributor), please test against Beta 4 to ensure there are no issues.

If you find any problems, please report them as usual. Many thanks!

Thought 3 was the last?
Ha ha! Beta 4 is here –
Better get testing!