wordpress压缩js与css优化插件WP Minify

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WP Minify插件是款压缩JS与CSS的wordpress优化插件,启用该插件后,可以达到压缩和合并js、css的作用从而减少网站页面的载入时间。众所周知,javascript文件代码和css会影响页面的打开速度,影响用户体验,因此对js和css进行压缩优化非常有必要。

WP Minify插件特点:

  • Easily integrate Minify into your WordPress blog.
  • Minifies JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.
  • Debug tools to help you debug your issues.
  • Ability to include extra JS and CSS files for Minifying.
  • Ability to exclude certain JS and CSS files for Minifying.
  • Minified JS and CSS files can be placed wherever you want.
  • Support for to minifying external files via caching.
  • Ability to pass extra arguments to Minify engine.
  • Expire headers for minified JS and CSS files.
  • Detection and elimination of duplicate sources.
  • Plugin hooks!


  • 下载WP Minify插件,上传到wp-content/plugins/目录,然后登陆博客后台,在已安装插件列表中启用wp minify插件;(也可直接通过博客后台搜索安装)
  • 启用插件后,在“后台——设置——WP Minify”中进入插件配置界面
    wordpress压缩js与css优化插件WP Minify
  • 在该界面可以对插件进行配置,如启用Javascript优化、CSS优化、HTML优化,排除不想被优化的javascription文件或css文件;